4DESIGN’s Industrial design service is far reaching. We assist clients not only with the process of Industrial design and product development but also with specification for manufacture, production management and in many cases delivery of finished goods and support materials.



We constantly investigate emerging materials and processes, procuring samples, researching vendors and exploring possibilities to give our clients a competitive edge. Understanding the emerging drivers in advance is essential to the success of every new product in today’s fast product life cycle.

We leverage our large network of vendors and global contacts to constantly look for new improved ways to manufacture products that are beautiful, well made and cost effective. Many products today rely on materials, finishes and other purchase driven qualities like environmental impact and lifespan to be truly successful in today’s global market.




Success of a product in today’s market depends on many factors, including a knowledge and strategy cognizant of current trends and market driven movements. Product development requires an informed understanding to allow for the ‘time to market’ process.

Successful products are developed through careful analysis of both past and emerging design trends. User and general market acceptance is achieved by communicating a style or experience that the consumer understands.




Designing a product or system requires skill, creativity and knowledge. To maximise the output from any design project, 4DESIGN draw on established techniques, our industrial design expertise and the knowledge we gain working with our clients and understanding their objectives.

Creating a powerful vision starts here. The award winning products developed by 4DESIGN have their beginnings in this creative and considered product design method.




Our constant drive for excellence, pursuit of the latest tools, and re-investment in visualisation product rendering techniques ensures our clients are offered a service that will highlight the potential of the idea early in the Industrial design process.

Our simulation processes allow us to produce photo realistic renders and real life animations. These processes can aid in advanced marketing studies, pre-product release, imagery for websites and marketing material.




Assessment of product features, ergonomics, size and proportion is fundamental to effective product development. The power of tangible and tactile visual representations of products throughout the product design process will improve the project outcome and ultimately the success of the product.

At 4DESIGN we employ traditional and contemporary product design techniques to develop visual models. These are made in-house by our Industrial design team to ensure effective translation from concept to model. These can range from simple form studies through to highly detailed visually accurate models. Some are barely distinguishable from the real thing.




4DESIGN engineer products in 3D CAD to maximise productivity and to meet stringent regulatory approvals and standards requirements.

In conjunction with the Industrial design stage, engineering is the most defining process in the product development cycle. It is where a product truly comes to life and it is where every aspect and detail of the product is addressed. How these elements are resolved can ‘make or break’ the product’s success from a performance, manufacture and commercial perspective.




Prototypes validate a product design and provide a powerful insight into all levels of product assessment. At 4DESIGN we use prototypes from a very early stage in the product development cycle and have developed skills to produce simple to complex models.

From simple form studies through to production accurate prototypes, 4DESIGN offer a high quality and comprehensive prototyping service.




All products and their associated components require clear, concise specification in 2D CAD. Thorough documentation ensures parts and assemblies are made as per intent and within acceptable quality standards. Dimensions, finishes, materials and assembly processes are documented effectively. 4DESIGN produce production, assembly and specification documentation for every product that leaves our Queenstown and Sydney studios.

Technical drawings are generated for all parts and assemblies. In addition graphic artwork files are provided for specialty finishes and graphic treatments. 4DESIGN can produce specification documents that encompass the complete ‘turn-key’ process for manufacture and supply of a product. 4DESIGN’s directors have over 25 years experience at the ‘coal face’ of Industrial design and manufacture. We are extremely experienced in the specification of a wide variety of products and processes.




4DESIGN have established a team of low volume production specialists across a range of different manufacturing processes. 4DESIGN specialise in producing parts in the 10 to 1000 quantity range and producing parts at a competitive price point with very high quality. 4DESIGN offer our clients the very best ‘turn key’ product development solution.

4DESIGN offer an optimized supply service – a key difference between 4DESIGN and other Industrial design consultancies.




4DESIGN have an established network of high volume manufacturers covering a wide variety of disciplines. Manufacturing products is a complex business, understanding this is key to avoiding difficulties in the supply chain and averting costly mistakes.

4DESIGN’s long standing relationships and in depth manufacture experience is central to the service we provide to all of our clients. Production management of high volume components and assemblies represents a significant aspect of the 4DESIGN service.




4DESIGN offer a service that makes the delivery of product and parts very easy for our clients. A client may have little experience, interest or infrastructure to manage the supply of the components required to deliver a world class product.

4DESIGN can facilitate the delivery of any part at a highly competitive price point. Effective transition from design to production is fundamental to business success.