“Our clients want results in terms of cost, time and performance but equally they want world class Industrial design and market generating innovation.”

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Achieving business success through good design.

In early 2003 four internationally recognised product designers got together and developed a business model that could provide a point of difference in the industrial design and product development landscape. Ten years later, 40 Industrial design awards, 120 clients, 200 products and 2 studios located in Queenstown New Zealand and Sydney Australia; the results speak for themselves.

4DESIGN is dedicated to the development of beautiful and functional products through the practice of good industrial design. We believe that to design any successful product you must understand how it can be effectively manufactured before its been created. With 4DESIGN’s ‘end to end’ approach we have built up years of experience through every aspect of the design, engineering and product supply process. Couple this with our obsessive eye for detail, our passion and constant pursuit of knowledge; 4DESIGN is one of the leading Industrial Design and product development firms in the global community.

4DESIGN is headed by Will Grant, Robbie Wells, Janelle Barker, Lee Liston and is backed by a team of experienced product designers, graphic designers and mechanical engineers.
4Design Sydney studio
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